At Bonne Peche our recommend bait is freshly made by union jack baits less than 5km away from us and delivered on the day of your arrival. You will not find a fresher bait anywhere!

Our supplier has been rolling baits for big names for over 10 years and has developed his own high quality food bait. High in quality ingredients and is a proven catcher on our lake time and time again.

You can have nearly any flavour you want rolled,  however our recommend choice is Crab & Plum.

Boilies are priced from €10/kg also making it extremely competitive!

We aslo have pop ups and wafters to match your bait at 10 euro a pot.

We also have a range of particles freshly prepared starting from €2.50/kg. It’s worth getting in touch to find out whats working at the time of year.

Please order your bait ahead of your arrival date.