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Bonne Peche (Etang de Seuil) is a beautiful pre-Napoleonic dammed lake over 400 years old. Resembling an old English estate lake, this 8 acre lake is set in 20 acres of woodland.

Bonne Peche is 410 yards long and 65 yards at the narrowest point, increasing to 100 yards at the widest point with depths ranging from 3 to 14 feet, margins on both sides of the lake have an average depth of 18 inches. All fishing is done from one bank, so there are no anglers opposite you. An old river bed runs down the centre of the lake. With no long casting, UK fishing tackle is all that is required

The bottom of the lake is fairly firm,with a scattering of rocks. Anglers have a choice of 9 dedicated swims. 7 on stages and 2 from the bank.

Our ethics.

  • Bait boats are allowed

  • Fish up to 3 rods